A Day in the Life of the Believer

This is the day the Lord has made

Today's Scripture: Psalm 118:24

A song by Jonathan McReynolds titled “Maintain” says, “I recognize this is a day that You have made, So I walk in love and put a smile on my face, But in case I run into someone on a different page, Help me maintain, Help me maintain“, and I love how much this resonates with the believer. You get up in the morning, prayed up, and ready for the day. Then, something happens at noon, or you bump into someone who does something that pisses you off, just as soon as it clocks happy hour. Yes, it happens.

But today, make the decision to “maintain.” While I seem to go with the flow on a few days and I almost let everything overwhelm me, there are days when I say to myself, “Today, I am going to maintain”, and you bet the devil will come around to see how true you are going to be about that. But on those days where I pinch myself and make a conscious decision, I am able to maintain. We already have the capacity to do so, and we only have to yield to that capacity.

Action Point: Today, make a decision to maintain that smile, joy, everything! no matter what comes your way.

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