A Word from God for Every Phase

God speaks always 
We need to listen

Today's Scripture: John 10:27-28

During the first semester of my graduate program, I remember seeking God’s face right before the semester began in order to know what He had planned for me that semester. It was a new territory, a very much unfamiliar path, and I did not think I was ready. So, in prayer, God gave me a Word: MEASURELESS GRACE with the scripture Psalm 55:22.

Fast forward to the semester, I did not realize how much I would need that GRACE. Everything felt beyond my abilities – for example, I dealt with impostor syndrome. In the long run, God’s Word prevailed and it prevailed well! Before and after that period, I apply this method at the beginning of every month and phase.

What does this have to do with you? The month of June is in its third day today. Have you asked God for a word for this month? All through Scriptures, God gave people a Word for every point of their lives. It is wisdom to ask for yours too. I understand that your church might have a theme of the month. That is great to hold on to, but dig deeper and ask God to speak to you personally. When you bring together the Word God has spoken from your pastor, and the Word He speaks to you personally, what you have is a wonder before your very eyes.

Action Point: For the phase of the life you are in and for the new month, ask God for His Word for you, believe it, and expect it to come to pass in your life.

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