All Are Created to Worship

All are created to worship
Today's Scripture: Genesis 1

In Genesis 1, God created man in the image of the Trinity and from His first words to man, we learn that He wanted man to dominate and take charge of the world in every sphere. Of course, man had to do this while always remembering to speak with God and commune with Him.

In my second year as an undergraduate, after analyzing a particular literary text, I heard my lecturer say that everyone of us was created to worship something. It is why people can have addictions, obsessions, and what not. It is why people keep searching for answers but never arrive at one. Because from the beginning, the answer has been and will always be God. Our lives were created to perform for the audience of One.

So, when we talked about the Jews who claimed to be free when they were actually in bondage, we were definitely talking about the nature of all humans. They felt that they were not in sin, because sin had become the object of their worship, and as much as that only gave them temporary pleasure, they thought it was enough. But Jesus gives us a way out: obeying His words and yielding to Him in worship. He died so that you and I can fill our every void, and His blood won’t lead us astray!

Action Point: Thank Jesus right now for dying for your sins, and ask for grace to continually worship Him and stand for all that He is.

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