Be aglow

Be aglow.
Today’s Scripture: Romans 12:11

It is very easy to find yourself lazing around when you should be offering yourself for service unto God. The Amplified Version of the above verse says, “Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavour; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord.”

Procrastination is real and so is passivity, but the Bible encourages you and I to be ever zealous and to be on top of our games. When we serve the Lord, we should do so with zeal and with fire in our hearts. When we do this, we make it obvious that we are willingly giving ourselves to God.

This also applies in our daily lives, where we should do everything with zeal and zest, seeing all as being done for our Lord Jesus Christ. I know what it is to be void of zeal, to be weary, and to feel like the weight of the world is upon your shoulders alone. In times like this, we can pray as Paul says in Ephesians 3 that God should empower us from his glorious unlimited resources with inner strength through His Spirit (see Ephesians 3:16).

As much as it is easy to be idle, it is also possible to make things happen. It all depends on which aspect you are feeding with attention.

No excuses. Get up and be aglow.

Action Point: Pray the prayer in Ephesians as mentioned above and take one step to getting back to work.

Stay motivated and remain full of zeal.

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