Christ Is Enough For Me

Give me that old time religion 
And it’s good enough for me.
Today’s Scripture: 2 Tim 3

Apostle Paul tells us about the dangers of the last days in today’s chapter. When you read through, specifically verses 1-5, you can also testify to have seen some of these characters exhibited in the worlds of people around you. We live among them, but we should aim to never ever join them.

In Psalm 1:1, we are told that those who do not stand around with sinners or join in with mockers have joy that know no bounds. This is what is best for you and I. We can always pray for them and even tell them about the Good News of the Gospel, but we should not be dragged along in the dark. In the long run, our associations, friendships, and company determine a huge part of our lives,

In verse 5, the Bible tells us of those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power which could make them godly. These are people who appear religious or godly, but they know next to nothing about godliness. It is therefore not about playing church; rather it is about our willingness and decisions to stay on God’s team and His alone.

How true will you stay to God, even in the midst of every contrary situation?

Action Point: Make a resolve to stand for who and what you believe in, no matter where you find yourself in life.

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