Count His Presence as Worth II

His name
His presence
All I count as worth.

Today's Scripture: Acts 4

Peter and John had been brought before the Council for teaching about Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. They were questioned about healing a crippled man and they boldly claimed that they had done this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, who was crucified – the one who is the stone the builders rejected and has become the cornerstone. The boldness of both men amazed the Council and they were left to decide what exactly to do to the two men in order to stop them from preaching the gospel.

The Council could not deny that Peter and John had performed a miraculous sign and everyone knew about it. So they commanded both men to stop teaching in the name of Jesus. You know what both men replied? “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than him? We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.” Does this remind of you of King Davd’s story yesterday? He wouldn’t compromise his worship, regardless of what other people said.

And guess what? In verses 23 – 31, Peter and John went back to the rest of the believers to relay the commands of the Council. The believers did not shrug it off or respond with arrogance, rather they prayed. As much as you might want to live an uncompromisingly righteous life, wisdom is always profitable to direct. So the believers ran to their stronghold and prayed for courage from the Lord. They were faced with many risks, so they were well aware they couldn’t do it on their own. God listened to them and verse 31 says, “…they preached the word of God with boldness”. Note that they were believers like you and I – not apostles or prophets.

Action Point: You know where the shoe is pinching in respect to your relationship with God and your duty to tell the world about Jesus, ask for boldness to teach his Word just like the believers did and for grace to spend time in His presence.

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