Death Could Not Hold Him Down

Remember how the grip of death
Slipped off his soul.
The best moment in all of life
Today’s Scripture: Acts 2:24

The first time I really homed in on Acts 2:24 was when I read it in the Amplified Version. It went straight in and hit me like many rays of sunshine. It says, “But God raised Him up, liberating Him from the pangs of death, seeing that it was not possible for Him to continue to be controlled or retained by it”.

Did you see that? It was not possible for our Jesus to continue to be controlled or possessed by the pangs of death! It was IMPOSSIBLE. Impossible means “cannot happen”, “can never happen”, and when God’s Word says something is impossible, then it is truly impossible. The NLT version says, “But God released Him from the horrors of death and raised him back to life, for death could not keep him in its grip”. Did I hear you say HALLELUJAH?

It is so amazing and confident to know that we serve a God who has power over death. And not just that, the same God lives on the inside of you. So you are also not subject to the grip of death. Death has nothing on you. You have been called to a life of glory – glory on earth and glory in eternity! So death is not a period on your life, death is a comma. That is only physical death. Do not get worked up about the time of your life. Like Paul, you need to come to a point where you will be the one to decide whether you want to live or to die. (See Philippians 1:21-24)

Why? Because the physical death that makes others afraid is not your problem.You know that the God on the inside of you is greater than anything and that includes death!

In addition, did you not see what the Father said in Psalm 91:16? “With long life will I satisfy him and shew him my salvation” (KJV). Do you know what it means to be satisfied? You determine when you have had enough. Live with the consciousness that your life on earth is tied to your satisfaction. Until you are satisfied, no devil or grip of death has the right to take you away. Jesus did not die because he was killed by his enemies. He went to the cross because “it is finished”. What’s that? Satisfaction.

Confession: I am entitled to a long life till I am satisfied! Thank you Jesus for victory over death!

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