Everyday Is A Good Day!

Why do you take your pain to the florist? 
Why do you water your past like a bed of begonias?
Do you not know?
Or have you not heard
That these tended flowers of your past
Will only be weeds for your present seeds?

Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 43:19

Everyday is a good day to throw around great accomplishments like confetti – whether it is in the middle of the year or the beginning of a new one. But it is important for you to realise that letting go of the past: the good past and the bad past, is a criterion for a beautiful today and a better tomorrow. 

You succeeded last year? Awesome! The previous day was a trip down failure avenue? It’s alright! It is an absolutely new day now and you have a whole new slate, a whole new privilege to begin or continue life with God. The Bible verse above is the Lord’s promise of victory. God is promising to do something new. In fact, He says He has already begun. But here’s the interesting part, the Lord tells in verses 16-17 of how He opened the way through the waters (Remember Egypt in Exodus 13:17-14:31) and how He drowned the so called mighty army of Egypt. Now guess what? God says in verse 18, “It is nothing compared to what I am going to do.”

That matters! 

So, will you be ready for new levels or will you brood over yesterday?

Prayer: Father, thank you for all you have done. Help me to hold on to you, to let go of the past and to look ahead into what you have for me every day in Jesus’ name.

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