Faith Speaks Life

The girl isn’t dead
Today’s Scripture: Matthew 9:23-26

In verses 23-26, there is the situation of a dead girl. In actual fact, funeral music is on the highest volume, and a noisy crowd is already gathered outside the girl’s home to mourn. When Jesus arrives, He exclaims, “Get out! The girl isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.” The crowd laughed at him, but He paid them no mind. He went in and brought her back to life.

Things may seem very dead around you, so much that you may want to mourn for yourself – or for someone you know. It all seems down and out, lifeless and sympathy-worthy, but the Bible says, “It is not dead”.

Did you notice how the crowd laughed at Jesus? Yes, mockery is a part of a lifeless situation. However, the first thing Jesus did was to put the mockers outside. He got the negativity out. No matter how lifeless your situation is, you need to first get the negativity out and speak words of life. Also, you should not just speak these words without believing them; you should speak in full faith. Only then can a miracle happen.

If you are not going through a seemingly dead phase, then pray for someone who is.

Confession: Lord, with you no situation is lifeless. I speak life into _____ and _____. I trust you to take charge and to make all things full of life again!

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