God doesn’t need Labels to be God

I serve a God who disregards stereotypes.
Today’s Scripture: 1 Kings 18:33-35

When I read the Bible verse above sometime ago, I realized something amazing that I did not initially think of. Elijah had put the wood together in verse 33 and he instructed that four jars of water should be poured onto the burnt offering and on the wood. Not only did they pour four jars of water, they poured it three different times till the whole place was filled with water. That measures up to about twelve jars of water, right? The wood was wet as wet could be. Nevertheless, hallelujah! In verse 38, it says the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the wood, the stones, and the dust and even licked up the water.

This is the amusing thing I have just realized: Fire and water. We all know that for wood to burn in fire, it has to be the driest wood ever, but this wood was wet, yet the fire consumed it and even licked up the water itself!

Don’t you see? Anything can happen with God and nothing is impossible for Him to do, including every need of yours. We logically believe that fire and water are opposite elements. In fact, when people are referred to as fire and ice, we mean they are opposite – both cannot succeed as one or thrive in the same place, but we serve a God who does not need labels or stereotypes to be God.

Is there a situation in your life which seems logically impossible? Remember that with the true God, fire licked up water. That is enough to make you believe anything is possible.

Prayer Point: God of Elijah, do what only you can do in my life and make yourself present in this situation (mention the situation and pray fervently) in Jesus name.

All things are working together for your good!

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