God is love.
Today’s Scripture: 1 John 4:16

No matter how old you become or how long you live, you would never be able to fully understand the depth of God’s love for you. In the scripture above, we are told that God is love.

In literature, this is called a metaphor – a case of equating one thing with another. The metaphor is usually differentiated from the simile in the sense that a simile connotes comparison, while the metaphor is an equation. Therefore we do not say God is like love or God is as love. The Bible says God is love. This means God = Love. God is love personified. God is the true definition of love and love is the true definition of God. If it does not ring God in your ears, it is not love. How beautiful, right?

Now when we are told that God loves us, it means we are loved by love itself. Love is not something to be totally understood. It is a mystery and will forever be one, but love can be seen, felt, heard, and experienced. The move of God in each of our lives reflect the move of love – from the decision to make Himself human, to die for you and me, to give us the victory, to deliver us from our enemies, to give us a sense of self-worth and of purpose, to give us full and long lives, to cover all of our sins and to prepare eternity for us!

God loves you, dear Deep Roots Devotional Royal. Do not have a reason to doubt Him.

Confession: God loves me! Yes, I know!

Action Point: Think of God’s love for you, and ask Him to help you bask in His love.

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