God is Turning the Tables in Your Favor

They may slay me with their words 
But like a rushing wind
I’ll overcome
And soon,
They will praise me with their words.
Today’s Scripture: Esther 5 - 7

The story of Esther, her people, and of how God stepped in on Mordecai’s behalf, is an amazing story. When I read it, I am reminded of what the favor of God means, what honor means, and what disgrace for our enemy means. If you have not, please read the fifth to seventh chapters of the book of Esther.

Esther’s people were in dire need of deliverance. She was seen as one born for “such a time as this” and she did not want to risk the lives of her people. Therefore, Queen Esther risked her own life. She engaged in a fast and went before the king without being summoned, knowing fully well that such an action could lead to her death. First, Esther found favor in the sight of the king (see Esther 5:2-5, 8). Her request for Haman to be brought to dinner with Esther and the king was granted. Haman, on the other hand, was filled with hate for Mordecai, sitting at the palace gate, who refused to tremble nervously before him. He went ahead to plot against Mordecai and plan to have him killed.

However, the king began to think about Mordecai that night. He had trouble sleeping till he found in the records that Mordecai had been doing good deeds without making a big deal about it. He decided to reward Mordecai and so he asked Haman for advice the next day.

Haman foolishly thought the king must be referring to him, so he said the best form of honor he could think of and the king sent the same Haman to do all he had advised for Mordecai (see Chapter 6:7-10).

At the dinner, Queen Esther openly told the king about the wicked deeds of Haman and the king immediately took action against him. God turned the tables 360 degrees! The honor Haman had planned for himself was conferred on Mordecai and the gallows he had built for Mordecai were the same he was hanged on.

May the God of all flesh, who answers prayers, turn the tables in your favor! Every evil planned against you shall return to the head of the sender, and you will be given the victory and honor in Jesus name.

Confession: Today, God is turning the tables in my favor!

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