God is With Us

If the streets become volcanoes 
And the clouds become thorns,
I will walk with my head high
If that is where He tells me to go.
Today’s Scripture: Joshua 1:5-9

Joshua takes over from Moses, and God begins with Joshua as he was with Moses. I have never heard of a man who was misled by God; but I have heard of men who were led by God, who ignored God and ended up in the wrong place. Someone said, “No matter how long you journey on the wrong path, you will never reach your desired destination”. It could not be more rightly said.

God spoke the most fired up words to Joshua in the above Bible verses. He tells Joshua to be strong and full of courage, and to meditate on the Word of God day and night. In the ninth verse, the Lord says He is with him wherever he goes.

These are the same words which God speak to us every day. While we are on our journey, God is asking you and I to not just put fear in the backseat, but to throw fear out of the car. We do not need it. in most cases, fear is such a negative emotion, and it can be powerful if we allow it to linger in our lives.

There will be times of smooth sail and times of turbulence, but what God says is that we must be strong and courageous, holding on to the undisputed Word of God which says he is always with us!

Do not be afraid of the new things which God brings your way. Always remember that new things would soon become old things, which will give way to new things again.

Action Point: Reassure yourself that God is always with you. Kick fear out of your vehicle as you journey through life, and always remember to be strong and courageous. God is with you!

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