God’s Approval over Human Approval II

We are complete in Him
Today's Scripture: Matthew 6

Jesus sets “rules” for us when it comes to living a life that is independent of people’s approval. There are a few categories to be examined:

  1. Motives:

Jesus says, “examine your motives to make sure you’re not showing off…only to be admired by others”. This is clear. What are our intentions when we give to other people? Do we do it so we can be noticed or applauded? Jesus calls that wrong. We should do good deeds out of pure hearts.

2. Reasons for prayers

Our reason for prayers matter. Jesus warns against notice-me prayers (prayers done so we can be seen), and against empty phrases. Rather, our prayers should be sincere, intentional, and full of expectation.

3. Attitude when fasting

This matters. Yes, it does. Jesus says we should not “pretend to be spiritual” by appearing gloomy during a fast. Rather, we should wait upon God in secret, while we groom ourselves properly.

4. The place of treasures

True treasures are explained as the ones in heaven. Jesus admonishes us to seek the treasures in heaven, and to do away with the earthly things which do not edify us. These earthly things will fade away, so our lives should not be fixed on them but on Jesus.

5. Worry

It is amazing that “worry” comes in as one of these categories. I have come to understand that sometimes worry comes out of thoughts such as, “What will people say?” “Is this dress good enough?” “Do I have enough food?” When these questions overshadow God’s presence in our lives, we begin to see ourselves through other people’s perspective and the world’s perspective.

The truth, however, remains that God is faithful and His approval is all we would ever need.

Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Matthew 6:34 TPT

Prayer Point: Father, help me to continually see life through Your eyes. Give me impregnable understanding of who You say I am in Jesus Name’. Amen.

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