God’s Faithfulness

In my unfaithfulness, 
You remain Unfailingly faithful
Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 4: 14-16; Psalm 103:13-14

This part of the Bible in Hebrews makes us understand that we serve a God who totally understands. In verse 15, we realize that Jesus also had to deal with every temptation and feeling which we presently have to deal with. He shares our weaknesses and frailties, but the Bible tells us that in every temptation, Jesus never sinned. We are further encouraged to come boldly to our God and ask for grace to help us in our times of need, being fully confident that we would not be condemned or damned for our inadequacies.

Do you ever feel so neck deep in some kind of struggle or unbelievable situation and you feel, No one will be able to understand me. Permit me to say you are so, so wrong. The Lord Jesus is ready to accept you with open arms and don’t you come beggarly, but boldly. Not haughty, not rude, but with unshaken confidence in the One whom you are approaching.

Action Point: Go to God with that area of your life where the shoes are pinching and ask for grace to help you in this time. Pray, also, for your friends and loved ones who might be crushing under the weight of their weaknesses and frailties, knowing fully well that the Master understands.

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