God’s Kind of Strength

With God,
I can run through a troop
And leap over the wall!
Today’s Scripture: 2 Samuel 22:30-33

The verses above explain supernatural strength to you and me – the kind of strength that can only be found in God. David says in verse 29 of 2 Samuel 22 and in Psalm 18:29 that he could run through a troop and leap over a wall by his God! Remember also that Paul says in 2 Corinthians 22:9-10 that he would rejoice when he is weak because he knows that the strength of God will overshadow his weaknesses. The strength of God is undeniably amazing and can only come from God alone. This is strength in our bodies, in our souls, in our spirits, and in our lives as a whole.

Joyce Meyer says, “God does not want to just give us strength; He wants to be our Strength.” Hallelujah! So David is right when he says, “God is my strong fortress.” We receive this strength by faith – knowing God’s word and believing it. In Ephesians 3:16, we see that the Father can empower us with inner strength through the Holy Spirit on the inside of us. As born again Christians, we have the Holy Spirit, hence access to divine strength. If you are not born again, you can ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour right now, simply click here.

Are you facing difficulties at the moment and you are even too weak to think of anything? Then receive strength in the name of Jesus! Receive strength in your spirit. Receive strength in your mind. Receive strength in your emotions. Receive strength in your body. Receive strength in your entire life in the mighty name of Jesus!

Confession: The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress. The Lord is my fortress!

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