He Has Your Best Interest at Heart

God has my best interest at heart.
Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-9

Continuing from yesterday, here’s something that we also see:

Sometimes, what you really, really, a million times really want is just the opposite of what God wants for you. So when you continue to pray and pray about that thing, you might get a silent treatment or a clear cut NO. You feel seared with the sword of disappointment; a little “God, how could you?” creeps up in your head, but as much as you might hate to hear this if you’re currently in such a situation, God knows better.

It might be hard to understand. You really want to blame God. You feel a life-time opportunity just passed you by, but God says, “I know better” and you might not even get an explanation. I have quite a number of nephews and nieces. As children, they have a super sweet mouth – chocolates, candies, ice cream, sweet drinks – you name it. Sometimes, I find myself taking ice cream, or something of the sort, with them. When they begin to ask for too much of it and I know it might lead to constant visits to the toilet and even stomach upsets, I say “NO” and I stand on it. The ice cream could be in my cup, right before their eyes, but I ensure none of them gets a scoop anymore, and I might not give them an explanation for it. They go all, “Why?!” I say, “Because I said so”. They may cry, roll on the floor, hit me with their little fingers, but that does not change my mind. I’m not thinking about the tears; I’m thinking about the stomach upsets, because guess who is going to have to nurse them? Me.

God is not exactly “moved” by our brokenness after such “disappointments”. He is moved by the end that you cannot see from the beginning. He knows that five months into that job, you may lose all that you ever worked for and so he refuses the “opportunity” to give it to you. He says NO.

His sovereignty remains and His faithfulness stands sure, because His responsibility is to give you what He knows is best and not what you think is best.

When I want something really bad and I pray for it, but get no results. I pray and pray again, believing that God would listen. After I have done all that I know to do and I still see nothing, I relax and give thanks to God, in the midst of the disappointment. I then begin to think, “Daddy, you have something better than this for me? Really? What a time to be alive! Hallelujah!”

Never forget, God has your best interest at heart.

Action Point: Think of all the times God said “NO” to you. What came out of it? Did you receive something better? If God is saying NO to you now, get up from that seat of disappointment and get your praise on. Praise Him! Something amazing, above all you could ever ask or think, is coming your way!

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