He Waited for you to Wait on Him II

Shape your lives to become 
like the Holy One who called you. 

Today's Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-21

Yesterday, we looked at how God planned and prepared for you and me before we were even conceived. Today, we will focus on the second part of this topic – waiting on him. From the incidence between Balak and Balaam in Numbers 23, we learn in verse 19 that God cannot lie. Through the many chapters and verses of the Bible, we also see that God always came through for His own each and every time. If he made a promise, it was guaranteed that God will deliver, and He did.

Taking a cue from yesterday’s scripture which is also today’s scripture, Peter is calling the believers unto holiness and intimacy with the Father from verse 13, then in verses 18-21 which we read yesterday, he tells us the reason. Let’s look at it together:

So then, prepare your hearts and minds for action! Stay alert and fix your hope firmly on the marvelous grace that is coming to you. For when Jesus Christ is unveiled, a greater measure of grace will be released to you. 

As God’s obedient children, never again shape your lives by the desires that you followed when you didn’t know better. 

Instead, shape your lives to become like the Holy One who called you. 

For Scripture says:“You are to be holy, because I am holy.”

Since you call on him as your heavenly Father, the impartial Judge who judges according to each one’s works, live each day with holy awe and reverence throughout your time on earth.

1 Peter 1:13-17 TPT

We are admonished to fix our hope on the second coming of Christ, to shape our lives by our new life in Christ i.e. live according to the fruits of the spirit, obey instructions, yield to the Holy Spirit, etc. Now, Peter does not just admonish us to do these things, he tells us why. Verse 18 says, “For you know that your lives were ransomed once and for all from the empty and futile way of life handed down from generation to generation.” I put “for” in bold because that signifies “this is the reason.” The reason we should shape our lives according to Christ’s standards is because he first stooped so low to be persecuted by men. The only reason we are alive today, not just existing, is because of him, so our lives’ pursuit should be in honor and reverence of him.

That’s what it means to wait on God because He first waited for us.

Action Point: In what new way will you begin to wait on God knowing that He waited for you first?

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