His Death on the Cross was a Move-Meant

His action on the cross
Was not intended
to start a movement.

It was a move meant
A move meant to wipe us clean

A move meant to make us whole.

Today’s Scripture: Romans 4:25

The Gospel of Jesus is the forever breaking news and forever Good News of Christ who was handed over to die for your sins, and raised to life to make you right with God. Yes! Have you thought about it? The beautiful, irreplaceable gift of salvation? The open show of your enemies that Christ made? The stripes on His back just for you? The thought of you on His mind when his bones were pierced? The love He had for you, so much it made the Father turn away from Him?

Someone paid the highest ransom, once for always, for your freedom! Yes you probably know that line from Hillsong’s I Will Boast in Christ. Are you ready to boast in Christ this year, of His sacrifice for you, of His blood that wiped you clean? No, it was not an error. It was not a movement. It was a move meant. And you? What are you willing to do for the kingdom this day, this month, this year and beyond? Will you place your topmost priority in your relationship with Jesus?

Will you tell the world you have been delivered and you have found everlasting grace and unspeakable joy, full of glory? Will everyone see that you have been changed, transformed, regenerated? Will you recklessly abandon all that you are and all that you have to the One who matters the most?

Confession: I am a child of God. I have been saved. Christ sacrificed his life for me. I will boast in Christ. I will recklessly abandon my all to Him. I will not be shaken by circumstances. Today, I choose to be rooted in a relationship with my Heavenly Father, with Jesus the Son of the Living God and with the Holy Spirit, my Comforter. So help me God. Amen.

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