His Magnificence over Your Shortcomings II

I am saved when I magnify the Lord

Today's Scripture: Psalm 18:3

Yesterday, we talked about God’s magnificence, and we had an image of the magnifying glass. Today, we will dive a little deeper into the word “magnificence” itself. It will help to know that words such as “magnifying”, “magnificent”, “Magna Carta”, “magnanimous”, “magna cum laude”, “magnum opus” etc. all come from the root word “magn” which is Latin for “great.”

The reason I am pulling out this comparison is because when we talked about God’s magnificence yesterday, I explained how we should learn to glorify God rather than glorify our shortcomings. David made no mistake when he said, “I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies” (KJV). David realized that it is when he magnifies the Lord that he becomes saved from his enemies. Now, look at it this way too: if we do this, what happens for instance is that we lose focus of what is not working and we focus on what is working; we magnify or glorify God’s word over our circumstances. Think of the “magnifying” that we do with a “magnifying glass” The magnifying glass makes things clearer and easier. It takes something really “small” and makes it very visible. When we magnify God, we make Him above all. When we magnify our problems, we make them visible and above every other thing.

What/Who will you magnify today? Your shortcomings, problems, or the Love and the Word of the Father?

Action Point: Determine what you will magnify today and go ahead to do so.

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