In Consistency Lies the Power

Consistency is key.
Today’s Scripture: James 1:22-25

In the twenty-fifth verse of the above chapter, we are told that anyone who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues to do the same shall be blessed in his deed.

Some time ago, the Spirit of the Lord spoke three words to my heart. They are: Continuity, Consistency and Steadfastness. These were words that came out of answers to prayers of a tired heart – a heart tired of being in God’s Presence one day and out on the next.

In Luke 22:28, Jesus says the disciples are the ones who have continued with him in his trials and temptations. I have come to realise over time that attending a worship conference, a Bible study, church on Sunday are all great things, which can kick start our walk with God. However, if we are intentional about growing in deeper roots with Christ, then we need to be consistent, because in consistency lies the power.

Yes, take time to grow and do not jump ahead of yourself, but make sure that you constantly examine yourself whether you are still in the faith. Amen.

Prayer: Father, grant me an outpouring of your unending grace, so that I may be consistent in my walk with you.

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