It Was Jesus the Whole Time!

It was Jesus the whole time! 

Today's Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:18

How many times have you caught yourself saying this or something similar? Maybe you had gone through some series of events, and suddenly, you realize God was trying to tell you something or bring you to a certain phase of your life. Suddenly, the dots begin to connect. I bet you can relate.

Life doesn’t always make sense, especially for the one who has decided to let go of things so God can take control. As a believer, it is very much okay to live with the reality that two plus two doesn’t always equal four. Sometimes, your logic and reasoning need to be suspended in order to let God have His way. That is why He is God and that is why you should trust him wholeheartedly.

Action Point: What is one thing you have failed to figure out? Let it go so God can take control.

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