Jesus has the FINAL SAY

Others may speak into our lives 
Jesus has the final say 
- Anon
Today’s Scriptures: John 15:18-21; Galatians 1:10

Have you ever heard the saying, “Others may speak into our lives, but Jesus has the final say”. It is an absolutely correct saying. In the above chapter of John, Jesus forewarns you and I that if the world persecuted and hated him, then who are we to escape hatred and rejection? In fact, our devotion to God is more reason for the world to hate us. Because, guess what? Truth has not stopped being bitter.

However, from Scriptures, we understand that rejection comes right before promotion. Jesus is referred to as the stone which the builders rejected, who has now become the chief cornerstone (See Matthew 21:42-44). What a wonder! Joseph was also rejected by his brothers till the time he was promoted to become Prime Minister . And Daniel? His beliefs and lifestyle were used against him; society rejected him till he became great in the reign of many kings.

Is there an area of your life where you are rejected? Or are you generally rejected at every place you turn? I declare that every form of rejection in and around your life will become testimonies of promotion in Jesus name. This week, things will turn in your favour in Jesus’ Name!

So, like Paul in Galatians 1:10, do not bother yourself with pleasing others. You are called to please the one true God. Do not compromise your faith for that promotion in the office. Do not forge signatures for that seeming breakthrough. Do not go against your conscience out of pressure. Be careful and take a stand, remembering that the stone which the builders rejected will become the chief cornerstone.

I have also heard that “God gave you a purpose before anyone else had an opinion”, and to home in on this, this year, my pastor said, “If you are waiting for anyone’s approval, you lack signal.” Has Jesus said you are healed? Forget about the devil’s sickness reports. Has God said you will prosper? Forget about the fickle emotions that are dependent on circumstances. Hold on to God’s Word and understand that Jesus has the final say over your life!

Prayer Point: Father, help me not to seek the approval of others. Help me to believe in only what You say is right and to stand firm in You alone.

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