Joy in the Midst of All

What happens on the outside 
Will not destroy
What is taking place on the inside.
Today’s Scripture: Habakkuk 3:17-19

JOY in the midst of unfathomable circumstances is a most noble thing to own. Asides that, God loves you too much to let you go or forsake you. In Habakkuk 3, the prophet proclaims his unfailing trust in God no matter what happens. He chooses to rejoice even if the fig trees do not blossom and he helps us to remember that God is the strength of our lives.

In verse 19, he says God will make our feet like hinds’ feet. I have learnt from Joyce Meyer that a hind is a type of mountain goat that can leap about freely on the rocky, difficult slopes. Hinds climb mountains with seemingly no effort at all because of the way God has made them. So the mountain top or peaks of our lives and destinies are not promised places of smooth rides or the like; they would have rocks and slopes, but God who is our strength would help us to keep on keeping on.

Against all odds, let us keep on and keep up. Everything will work out in your favour. Stay trusting and stay rejoicing. Your testimony is here!

Confession: Father, I trust you! I yield it all to you – my worries, my fears and my requests. I choose to rejoice in you, being fully persuaded that you have my best interest at heart.

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