Lay Aside Every Weight

Lay aside every weight
Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 12

The Bible is so complete in every way. When you read Hebrews 12, you realize that there is so much that the Christian life offers you and me. In the first twelve verses, we are advised to strip off every weight and every excess baggage which slows us down or trips us up. In those days, it is said that athletes prepared themselves for a race, just as it is today, but in a different way. When it was time to race, they would strip off their clothing, wearing only a loincloth, so that nothing hindered them when they ran.

In the same manner, while running the believer’s race, it is important to fix your eyes on Jesus (see verse 2), to put all your attention on him, and to detach yourself from every form of distraction.

As busy and productive as I like to get, I have learnt, over time, how to say no without guilt. Most of the time, we are distracted and entangled because we are involved in and committed to too many things at a time. We think we are indispensable because we are valuable, but the truth is it does not always have to be you. It seems like these things are emergencies and no one else can handle them, except you. Let us be careful to check at every point and discern by the help of the Spirit what we are getting into. Of course, sometimes you are the human for the job and you might need to sacrifice one or two things. However, anything that is keeping us from developing our full potential, from becoming who God wants us to become, from placing undivided attention on Christ, is something we need to say no to.

We also learn in the first twelve verses that God only disciplines whom he loves (see verses 6-7). Therefore, be happy when the Holy Spirit convicts you because God sees you as one of His children, who should be directed in the right ways.

Prayer Point: Father, help me to lay aside every weight in forms of distractions, emergencies, or too many commitments, and help me to focus instead on you, your power, and the things that really matter. Help me also to cheerfully accept your discipline and correction as a proof of your love for me and of your fatherhood in Jesus name. Amen.

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