Leave an Unknown Future to a Known God

I am unafraid, 
Unafraid to leave
An unknown future
To an all-knowing, known God.
Today’s Scripture: Proverbs 20:24

As an undergraduate, I had an experience in my second year that changed my entire perspective about faith. I was in that year, and exams were coming up pretty fast. In a particular course, my CA scores were awfully awful, compared to my other courses. I had less than average, and at the beginning of the semester, I had a goal to make straight A’s that semester. When it was time to take the exam for this course, I put in everything I could, and I was hoping for a miracle. Few days after writing that exam, the lecturer of the course sent for me. Among many other things, he asked me, “What happened during the exam? You did not answer the compulsory question correctly. Is everything okay?” I could feel my world shatter around me. What was going to happen to my goal? Or wait one minute, forget about the goal, was I going to fail this course? The questions kept coming. I left the lecturer’s office and went to the University Chapel. I did the only thing I could think of: I prayed.

Results were released in the following month and your guess is as good as mine, I had straight A’s. I was absolutely elated, not about the result but about the display of God’s faithfulness.

I put this here today alongside this scripture to remind you to let God take the wheel. Usually, we claim to leave our lives and all that concern us in His Hands, but then, we begin to panic, to worry, fret, and fear. But as verse 24 says, Why try to understand everything along the way?

You are worth more to God than gold, and he is ever ready to direct your steps and to lead you to a place of purpose. Would you let Him?

Confession: Lord, I BELIEVE that you would always direct my steps aright. I choose to stop worrying every time, trying to understand the process. I lay it all in your hands. Thank you for victory in Jesus name. Amen.

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