Live A Life of Service

Stoop to serve, 
Rise to reign.
Today’s Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11

The beauty of service and the effects of it have been summed up in the above Bible verses. Jesus stooped so low by being made human, by coming down in the midst of the polluted human race to be of service to us, and to eventually bring us salvation. As a result of this act, he is now exalted and He has been given the name that is above every other name.

Yielding ourselves to be used by God implies that we must come out of our comfortable shells or our “This is who I am” selves and become, as it were, “nobodies”. The life of Jesus teaches us to relate with people just as they are – and also to frown at the things which are wrong and to encourage the acts which are right. The life of Jesus as God coming down in human form teaches us humility and obedience. He yields to the leading of the Father and even as a part of the trinity, he did not think of himself as equal to God.

Let us also yield ourselves to the service of God on the earth. Job 36:11 says that if we obey and serve him, we would be blessed with prosperity throughout our lives and all our years will be spent in pleasantness.

We can serve God in our churches, in evangelism, in giving to the needy, with our gifts, talents and time. We can serve God in the words we speak and in the steps we take. Everything about you and me should reflect service unto God.

Prayer Point: Father, help me to be effective in service for you. Teach me how to serve you better, and with all humility of heart in Jesus name.

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