Living in Light

Fellowship is wood to the fire of love 

Today’s Scripture: I John 1

If you read further into I John, the Bible talks about something profound in verse five. It says “God is light”. Pause and think about that. It goes on to say He is not just light, but there is no darkness in Him at all!

In verse six, you are labelled as a liar if you claim to have fellowship with God, yet living in darkness. (See also I John 2:9-11). You know how the attributes of the closest people to you slowly rubs off on you? Yes, it happens the same way. When we claim to fellowship with the Light, our lives should automatically reflect that light. The less we spend time with God, the more dim our light becomes. The more we spend time with God, the more our lives shine brightly.

And guess what? You are not condemned when you make mistakes; but when you claim to be innocent (when you are not). You are convicted by the Holy Spirit, and it is up to you to repent of that sin. The Master Jesus in His infinite mercy is always ready to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all wickedness. It is by this light that the Son cleanses us from all sin and guilt.

Praise the Lord!

Confession: I am in light and I am continuously cleansed because I have fellowship with my Father and the Blood of Jesus is always there for me. Thank you Jesus.

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