Make Room for Gratitude

Thank you Jesus!

Today's Scripture: Psalm 92

In the midst of the good and the bad, the constant thing that we should always do is give thanks to God. As we all know, it’s very much easy to rejoice when life seems to be going so well. However, the moment things don’t go as planned, we are tempted to frown and become very upset. But as it says in today’s psalm, it is a GOOD THING to give thanks to the Lord!

Will you thank God today, no matter what situation you are currently in? It could either be great or gross, but make sure you lift your voice to thank God! Always recognize that every phase of your life will only work out for your good as a child of God. That is why you need to constantly make room for gratitude, recognizing that the good times are not by your power, and the bad times are not the end of it all. Proverbs 20:24 says, “It is the Lord who directs your life, for each step you take is ordained by God to bring you closer to your destiny. So much of your life, then, remains a mystery!” (TPT)

Confession: Thank you Jesus!!!

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