Making Wise Decisions

I will make you wise 
and show you where to go.

Today's Scripture: Psalm 32:8

As Christians, one of our key needs is Divine Guidance, because one moment of a bad decision can lead to a lifetime of consequences. However, God is ever willing to lead us in the right directions, but it is always up to us to follow. It is one of the reasons He gave man the power of choice. When we need clarity on what to do, we should seek God in prayer and through His Word. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts or gives us ideas “out of the blues.” Sometimes, that is how I hear from God – I may have been pondering on an issue and just when I think I know what to do, a thought rises within me like “a spark of light”, and it always comes with a feeling of peace whether or not it’s logical.

Today’s verse in the NCV says, “The Lord says, ‘I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you.’ What we see here is that wisdom is tied to our decisions, and the only one who can make one wise is the Wisest God Himself. Remember David in 1 Chronicles 14? He was going to defeat the Philistines but he needed to know what to do and when. In verse 10, God gives him the “go-ahead.” In verse 14, God says, “No.” Two similar situations but two different directions. That you find yourself in similar situations does not give you the right to assume God’s leading the second time. He does not lead by experience, but by His Spirit and His Word.

Do you find yourself in a “fix” right now, not knowing what to do? Go ahead and pray for divine guidance, and more importantly, don’t take a step until you know you have God’s Word to hold on to.

Tomorrow, we will talk about what to do when you miss God’s voice and make a bad decision.

Action Point: Thank God for all the times He has led you. Seek His face today on any situation you need clarity on and wait patiently for His leading.

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