My Soul Says Yes

God will guide those who commit their lives to him
Today's Scriptures: Proverbs 3:5-6, Hebrews 3:14-15

As I write this, I am reminded of Nigerian weddings. When a couple is getting married, people come from far and near to celebrate with them. Some of these people do not live close to the wedding venue, or around the venue either. So, you will find yourself committing to a group of people whose trail you will follow on the highway, considering that no one relies on the GPS. It works like this: people get into a car, you also get into a car with your own squad, and you ensure (as the driver) to follow the other person’s trail. The knowing is that this other driver already knows the way, so you can just rest in their wisdom.

It’s a faint parallel, but this is pretty much what happens when we commit ourselves to God. Like the Nigerian wedding guest, you are geared up, ready, and excited to get to your desired destination, but you really cannot do that without directions. So, it helps when we yield ourselves to God, and we say, “Take the Lead.” Remember that the world is His territory and He knows the highways, back roads, and dead ends. Guess what too: He is not a wicked father. He will not give you a serpent for a fish. He is wise, and He is kind.

Are you weary today, wondering how you will find a footing in this big bowl called life? Commit to Jesus. Commit to Him. I see every new month, new week, and new day, as an opportunity to renew my commitment to Christ. Do the same on this first day of April, and He will be right there with you. It’s not April Fool’s. It is actually that simple. Jesus wants your trust in order to lead you to your august destination.

Prayer Point: Lord, I come before you today to confess my commitment to you again. I trust you, Lord, and I believe that you are willing to lead me. I commit my worries, desires, plans, and goals into your hands. I lay it all at your feet, and I ask that you lead me aright in Jesus name. Amen.

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