Nineteen or Ninety: Still God’s Baby

Whether you are nineteen or ninety, 
you are still God's baby.

Today's Scripture: Isaiah 46

One day, while studying God’s Word, I came across Isaiah 46:4, and I saw it in a whole new light. I was reading the Amplified version of the Bible, and I saw, “Even to your old age, I am He, and even to hair white with age will I carry you”, and I realized that whether I am sixty, eighty, ninety, or one hundred and twenty, I am still God’s baby! Isn’t that amazing? And you know what? That goes for you too!

Get excited! God said, “I have made and I will bear” which means God has a responsibility on your life because He has created you. He has brought you into this world, so he has a responsibility to care for you. Remember what Jesus said about not having to worry about anything because the Heavenly Father feeds the birds of the air, and we are even worth more than them? (Matthew 6).

Also, do you see how tech companies are responsible for ensuring that your phone is updated every now and then? Yes, that is a snippet of what it means. God cares so much about your well being. He wants to see you “upgraded” every time. So, say with me, “God has a responsibility on my life. He has made and He will bear.” In the following verses, we see how our Father pours out His promises upon us, with assurance that He is God and there is none like Him. Yes, He is the one who speaks and brings to pass, who purposes and will do it.

Confession: Whether I am nineteen or ninety, I am still God’s baby!

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