Payday is Coming

Payday is coming.
Today’s Scripture: Revelation 22:12

When you read the preceding and following verses of the twelfth verse of Revelations 22, you get a clearer picture of what Christ is talking about in the twelfth verse. In verse 12, we realize that payday is coming! We understand that each one of us would account for all of our actions – whether harm driven, filthy, righteous or holy. As much as our works are not the criteria to get into heaven (see Galatians 3), our works are important in reflecting whose kingdom we really belong to. Remember the story of the fig tree? Our lives are to reflect what we believe in and all of our works are to done to the praise and glory of God. Always remember that you shall give an account to the King of kings. We serve a God who sees everything, so whatever we do in secret will be rewarded in the open.

You and I would stand before the Master of the Universe who would judge our works and the motives behind them, and reward us according to those works. Joyce Meyer says, “do not live life like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow always comes.” This is the absolute truth. Remember, there is a beyond now. Payday is coming.

Action Point: Examine. Take time out to check all of your works and the motives behind them. Forget about being a people pleaser and strive to please the One True God.

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