Playing Your Part in the Bigger Picture

Nevertheless not as I will, 
but as thou wilt.

Today's Scripture: Matthew 26:39

It has occurred to me very recently, more than it ever has, that we all have a part to play in this big picture called “GOD’S WILL.” What this means is that if we all, as believers, must see God’s will come to pass on the earth and in our lives, then we each must seek the Father’s face to know what it is that we must individually do. In addition to knowing what to do, we must ensure that we are fully involved and ready to do just as we should. If we err, we should be quick to repair whatever will be damaged.

You may ask, “Why?” The Bible mirrors reasons for us. Adam and Eve had a part to play. They did not quite play it as God intended for them to, so a few things happened e.g. the curse of the ground. Abraham could have given up on God’s promise to birth the father of nations, but he didn’t. He decided to “hope against hope” and indeed Isaac came. So, the will of God took place. David was only a shepherd boy, but God saw his heart and chose him as king. During his reign, he took someone else’s wife and killed her husband -definitely not God’s Will – and that led to something else.

In the bigger picture, God has assigned roles, but it is always up to you and me to see how we function in those roles. The truth also is that choosing not to play our part will never stop God’s Will. A few things may come into play, but God’s own will will eventually prevail, whether in 5 years or in 25 years.

Prayer Point: Father, I know you have called me to a particular purpose. By your grace, help me to fulfill your will for my life. Help me to willingly and wholeheartedly play my part in Your kingdom. May my light indeed shine before men in Jesus name. Amen.

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