Pray Until Something Happens

Pray Until Something Happens

Today's Scripture: James 5:16

Most times, when people talk about prayer, they mention that we, as believers, need to push in prayer, and “push” is usually rewritten as “P.U.S.H” to mean “Pray Until Something Happens.”

In our microwave, fast-food, and 5G generation, the mental and even spoken narrative built around most things is the narrative that things have to be done on time. Unfortunately, we carry this attitude sometimes into our prayer lives and other aspects of our lives. As much as God also answers some requests as soon as we utter them, we also need to understand the place of persevering prayer. This is the kind of prayer in which you become a form of “pest.” You hold on to the promises of God and your belief in his ability and you secure your availability in the place of prayer based on that.

For instance, in today’s scripture, Elijah knew that God could make it happen, so he persisted. Also, the woman in Luke 18 was before the wicked judge who will never budge for anyone, but because she did not stop requesting, she was granted access. Two things should determine our persistence in the place of prayer: (a). Is it God’s will? (b). Can God do it?

Once you have a “YES” to both questions, do not hesitate to persevere till you prevail. Forget about the fast-food generation and pray until something happens.

Action Point: It is never over until you say it is. Is there something you have been praying about and you think you have done so for too long but nothing is forthcoming? Don’t give up now. If it is God’s will and if it is something which God can do, don’t stop moving your lips or getting on your knees, God is just about to surprise you! Press on!

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