Put Yourself Aside I

Help me 
To live
And love
Just like you.
Today’s Scripture: Philippians 2:3-4. 19-23

When Paul speaks to the church in Philippi, he tells them, in the concluding verses of chapter two, that he would send Timothy unto them. What amuses me in this verse is how Paul describes Timothy. He says there is no other who cares for the welfare of the church like Timothy does, unlike others who only care for themselves.

Verse 4 of Philippians 2 also instructs us saying, “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others too”.

As humans, our natural instinct or inborn attribute is to put ourselves first before all others. When we think of basic needs such as food, shelter, money, we think of ourselves first. With Jesus, however, we are told to live a life where we place others before ourselves. Living a “me first” life would not get anyone anywhere. A life lived for others is truly the greatest life. Among many other things such as putting smiles on people’s faces, we also become instruments of harmony in the society.

If everyone on earth did this, the world will be an abode of healing and peace. However, it can begin with you and I in all of our little territories. It can be you and I living and loving like Jesus.

Prayer: Father, help me to live and love like you. Grant me unending grace to put the needs of others before my needs and to be an extension of your selflessness.

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