Reach Out to the Helper

Reach out
Today’s Scripture: Mark 5:25-34

The story of the woman with the issue of blood is an inspiring and touching one. Here was a woman who had gone round and round, over and over with the same problem for twelve whole years. Twelve years is a lot of time. Imagine it.

Now she had spent all she had. This tells us that money can do a thing or two, but money is not everything. Then she heard the reports about Jesus. This exposes us to the power of testimonies and of fruits. If there had not been evidences, proofs or fruits of followers of Jesus, maybe she would have seen Jesus as “one of those people.” However, because she had heard the testimonies and because she was already well aware that the most expensive doctors could not save her, she began to pull at the Master. This woman had a mission – it was to touch the hem of Jesus’ garments. She had a conviction in her heart that this single action would make her whole.

So, everyone was touching Jesus, pulling at Him, thronging and jumping but one woman drew virtue. The Bible records that she was IMMEDIATELY HEALED. The flow of blood stopped at once. Praise God!

Jesus knew something had happened, and while all others were still thronging and jumping, he said, “Who touched me?” When this woman came forward, she received perfection of her healing by the words of the Master.

Is there an area of your life which does not seem to see the light or to be at peace? Reach out. Go for the garment of the Master and draw virtue. How? Lift up your voice and call upon the name of the God who made heaven and earth. Let out your cry for help. Reach out and draw virtue. The woman heard the reports of Jesus and hurried at him for her testimony. You have just read the report of the woman with the issue blood. Reach out for your own testimony.

Action Point: Reach out. Go to Jesus right now with all those areas of need. Do so in prayer, in praise, and in the study of His Word. Also reach out by confessing His Word over your life. He is waiting.

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