Speak to Your Unrest

"Is it really taking too long, 
or is it due
to your unspoken deadline
that you gave God?"

- Jerry Flowers 

Today's Scripture: John 7:30

I was scrolling through Instagram someday, checking other people’s InstaStories, when I saw a quote by someone named Jerry Flowers reposted on someone’s story. It said, “Is it really taking too long, or is it due to your unspoken deadline that you gave God?” That hit a little different. This week, as we examine “time” and “timing” from different angles, I want you to think about your unspoken deadlines.

I grew up with a list of things I wanted to have done by 16. and I used to pray about them. Disney was my favorite channel, and it just made sense that I could have achieved so much when I got to that age. The disclaimer here is that it is never too early to dream big. That is not the point. However, as I got closer to being 16 and realized that life had taken a different, but amazing turn, I began to “drop” some of those deadline-specific dreams. We live in that kind of world, “By 24, I need to be married.”, “By 30, I must have had my own house.” No, it is not wrong to set goals, but are you in tune with God? Jesus knew the risks of deadlines outside of God’s approval. Left to the leaders in John 7:30, anytime was the best time to kill Jesus, but we understand from Scriptures that nothing could be done until it was God’s set time. That is why he kept saying, “My time has not yet come.”

For instance, a lot of people set marriage goals without making married-life preparations.Many others profess millionaire goals without putting in millionaire-diligence. Much more appalling is to set goals and deadlines without consulting the author of time. I was in church one day and my pastor said, “God is too big to not know your deadline!” Have you realized that we serve a God who sometimes shows up as the 11th-hour-miracle God? Also, sometimes, it looks like the very thing we need slipped us by. However, remember that God is absolutely interested in you, and He will ensure that the best comes your way. iI it didn’t happen by your deadline, it will happen by God’s right timing, but you need to let him take control!

Action Point: Examine yourself. Do you have any unspoken deadlines? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into a place of rest and peace concerning these “deadlines”, knowing fully well that the devil has no right to delay God’s plan for your life, and God has every right to ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

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