Thankful for Every Point of the Journey

Thank you Jesus

Today's Scripture: Philippians 4:4

Today, being the last day of another month, is a day to give thanks to God. As we have practiced from January to April, we give thanks to God for His faithfulness. Today, be more practical and reach deep into memory lane to think of all the answered prayers that led to “today.” This means you should think of all the todays that came from a blessed yesterday and thank God for that. Don’t be in a haste to move on to the next miracle. Let today be a reminder that God has never failed in the past and we need to let him know we are grateful! 

Also, do not just thank God today to secure his hand for the next big thing, thank God because more importantly, you are showing forth your attitude of gratitude. 

Action Point: Go ahead and give intentional thanks for intentional acts. 

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