The Called and The Chosen

We are all called, 
but are we all ready?

Today's Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14

We know the popularly misinterpreted version of this story. A king had prepared a wedding for his son and had sent invites to certain people. However, these particular people rejected the king’s invite – they did not consider themselves special for being particularly invited (twice for that matter). They even killed the king’s messengers the second time.

Out of fury, the king then ordered the remaining servants to go out to the streets and invite everyone they find, and then, the hall was filled to the brim. Eventually, the king came to meet with his guests, and the Bible says, “he noticed a man who wasn’t wearing the proper clothes for a wedding.” He questioned the unpreparedness of his guest and he threw him out when he had no answer. Then, he said, “many are called and few are chosen.”

Contrary to the misinterpretation of Scripture that makes this story appear as one of favoritism, what the story actually exemplifies to us is that every person’s preparedness qualifies him for open doors. The king invited everyone – the good and bad alike – so he had great intentions. However, the one who accepted his invite but chose not to honor it in preparation was thrown out.

The same thing applies to us as children of God. Even if God had ordained us for the topmost top, and has called us unto virtue, and even if we feel incapacitated, it is in our best interest to prepare as much as we can. Jesus prepared. He fasted. He prayed to the father. He sat with teachers. In the same vein, we ought to continually give ourselves to growth in order to present ourselves as ready when we are called. It is also important to note that presenting yourself as “ready” does not essentially make you fit for the task – it means you are available and you trust the One who has called you to see you through.

Prayer Point: Lord, I am available. Use me, help me to prepare my heart and myself to be used by you. I am assured that as long as you see me fit, then I can see myself fit, not because of my efforts or strength, but by your power and Spirit within me. Thank you Father in Jesus name. Amen.

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