The Giver and The Gift

Time with God over everything 

Today's Scripture: Matthew 6:33

I once read a poem that addresses the people who only think of other people when in need of something, especially a seeming comfort that is believed to be found only in this person. And you and me can tell that this can be quite upsetting. So, it got me thinking about our lives as believers. For the most part, it’s easy to find ourselves pursuing the best of things we can get from God, but not the best of time we can get with God.

However, in order to continually grow in Christ and build a genuine relationship with him, we need to prioritize our time with him over everything else. Matthew 6:33 makes us understand that when we focus on the major, all of the minors will fall into place. In what ways are you building your relationship with God? Do you go to God when in need only? Or do you find yourself in His presence even when you don’t have any pressing needs? When we come to seek God’s face without the pressure of putting requests upon requests forward, then God reveals himself to us in many different ways.

Actions Point: Take time out to spend quality time with him today.

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