The Light that Gives Life

Follow me 
and you won't be walking
in the dark.
You will have
the light that gives life.

Today's Scripture: John 8:12

This month, so far, we have shuffled between understanding the place of unwavering trust in God, and the gift of salvation that makes life ever so beautiful. In today’s verse, Jesus tells us specifically that the world is in darkness and He is the light of the world.

As a believer, you are not only saved, your salvation grants you access to privileges in a world where everyone is doing their best to have the best. We serve a God who breaks protocols for the sake of His people, who brings us out of the deepest valleys to the glory of His name, who gives us a song to sing when we are at our wits end, and who performs the words of His promise. Hence, when this same God brings to our knowledge that we live in a dark world, we know that it is true. After all, he created the world, and he sees how the world has transitioned from what it was at creation to what it is now. So, if this is a dark world, how do we survive?

Jesus assures YOU and me that we are not just supposed to grope through the darkness. Rather, we are meant to embody His light, shining and lighting up every place that we step into. The Message translation of today’s verse says, “I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.” Yes! The message today is to help you understand or reaffirm your understanding that your Yes to Jesus has not only saved you from sin and its shackles, your Yes has given you plenty of light to live in. Light is your habitation. So, go on as you step into this new week knowing that whatever answers to light – think wisdom, insight, direction, joy, freshness, peace, and more – will answer to you too in Jesus name.

Prayer Point: Father, I understand that when a room is lit, every darkness fades away. I also understand that you are light of the world, and as your son/daughter, I am living in your light. Today and beyond, I decree that everything which answers to light such as …(name specifics and connect them to particular areas of your life)… answers to me right now in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

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