The Lord is Our Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd.
Today's Scripture: Psalm 23

Almost all of the Christians I know are familiar with this particular psalm. As a child, I was made to recite it every week at Sunday school. Sometimes, I said it absentmindedly; other times, I said it with full joy, not totally sure what it meant, but just happy to know that I was saying it as taught.

It begins like this, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Does that connote something of significance to you? A shepherd is always passionate over his sheep. He would do anything in the world to keep watch over his flock. How much more the Shepherd of all shepherds. As His sheep, we are to be fed, guided and shielded by Him, and the best news is that He is always ready to do so!

Today, I want you to have confidence that God would make you lie in green pastures. He will restore you, refresh you and lead you in the path of righteousness. Amen.

Confession: Thank you Jesus for being the good and true Shepherd over my soul and over my life.

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