The Misconception about Arrival

With God,
I’m allowed to shine

Shine till my satisfaction!
Today’s Scripture: Proverbs 4:18

Today, we focus on the concept of “arriving”.

I come from a nation where you are described as someone who has arrived once you achieve a certain amount of success. What this means is that you are at the seeming peak of your life, where nothing can “shake” you.

The Bible has a different idea about this, and a beautiful one at that.

You can probably tell that the light of dawn at 6am is different from that of 7am. As the day goes on, the sun begins to add more light to the earth. Furthermore, in Proverbs 4:18, the Bible says that your path is like the “first gleam of dawn” (emphasis mine), which shines more and more until the full light of day. Yesterday, we talked about our imperfect natures. In the same vein, while we are the light of the world, God understands that we are to shine step by step, and day after day. In this shining, there is no arriving, as long as we are on earth. Rather, our lives are destined to keep on shining brighter and brighter every day.

Dear Believer, God is pleased that you are willing to go one day at a time, to press on, to keep moving on, and to keep walking the walk. This could be in your walk with Him, building intimacy with Christ, in your career, in your kingdom promotion endeavours, in building great relationships…anything! It really does not matter what it is. It matters that you always understand that you have not arrived and that God is always willing to add one more star to your rating, to increase the brightness of your light, if you keep on keeping on. Take this from me: with God, you are always under construction. If you think you have seen his best, hear Him whisper to you that it is only the beginning.

Prayer Point: Father, help me to never settle for just anything because I think I have arrived. Help me to always hold on to you and allow you to lead me step by step, every day of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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