The One who Knows the End from the Beginning

God has a plan for you

Today's Scripture: Jeremiah 29:!1

When we talked about God as one who makes the crooked places straight yesterday, we saw that the story of Jesus on earth was a perfect example. Today, again, we look at Jesus as the perfect example for describing God as one who knows the end from the beginning.

God already knew that some would be against His son, some would be delivered from sin through Him, others will be persecuted for following Him, and so on. The devil had a plan as much as God had one. The devil thought he was going to stop Jesus from fulfilling His mission by killing him; the devil forgot to remember that the death of Jesus was part of the mission.

God must have laughed, and the same thing applies to us as followers of Christ. Because we serve a God who makes all things work together for our good, we are assured that the end that God has in mind will be fulfilled in our lives if we continually yield ourselves to Him. If Jesus had come on earth and rejected the leading of the father, the mission could have been thwarted. Therefore, as much as God already has an end in mind for us – what we call destiny – we need to constantly submit to His leading and to continuously trust Him to bring His will to pass in our lives.

Action Point: What is that aspect of life that looks contrary to God’s plan? Look away from the problems and look unto God. Today, commit yourself and destiny to Him once again in prayers and confession.

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