The One who Makes the Crooked Places Straight

I will go before thee, 
and make
the crooked places straight

Isaiah 45:2 KJV

Today's Scripture: Isaiah 45:1-2

We serve a God who cares for all His people, who understands that we are all on a journey, who understands that we come across crooked paths, and who is ever willing to straighten the paths ahead of us.

The Message version of this verse two in today’s scripture says, “I’ll go ahead of you, clearing and paving the road…” God will do everything to ensure that you, as His child and as one who trusts in him, never suffer. The story and mission of Jesus is a perfect example. Jesus had his share of “crooked paths” – the criticisms, the temptations, the seeming lack of bread and fish, and the road to crucifixion. However, when you read through each one of these stories, you realize that God always had a plan. At the end of it all, Jesus prevailed. The seemingly crooked places were made straight and the devil never won, even when he thought he had conquered.

Do you know that God will go ahead of you to make the crooked places straight? Yes, He will. He is ever willing to, and he only needs you to trust Him even when it does not look like it. 

Prayer point: Father, I thank you because I know you will make straight every crooked place in my life. I choose to trust you and hold on to your promise. 

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