The Place of Obedience

God is a God of second chances.
Today's Scripture: Jonah 1-3

I like the story of Jonah, and it is funny how I always seem to read or study it when I am in between a rock and a hard place, in between a need to make a decision to follow God’s instructions or to do as I please. The story of Jonah is my obedience reminder. It tells me over and again that whatever I do, I cannot go very far without obeying God.

If God is leading you to do something right now, do not hesitate. Think of Jonah and remember that the things written before time are written for our learning. God had sent a man to Nineveh but he ran to Tarshish. He was determined not to go and he thought he could hide from God.

Let us not point fingers at Jonah because we are also like this sometimes, except that we hardly get swallowed up by a big fish. God made it known to him by keeping him safe in the belly of the fish that he was not planning to kill Jonah, He was only waiting for his consent. What this also tells us about God is that he does not shove or force us to do things which we do not want to do. He waits for our consent. God will instruct, suggest, and prompt us but the choice is always left to us.

However, when we take the path of obedience and acknowledge that God knows best, then we become filled with peace and fulfilment.

What is God telling you to do now? Do not hesitate. Obedience does not add anything to God. It actually benefits us in the long run.

Confession: Lord, I make a choice to obey you, trusting that your time is the best. Amen. .

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