The Power of “NO” II

Not every open door is your door
Today's Scripture: Genesis 3:1-6

Not every open door is your door.

I felt the need to say that again because we live in a world where the message of opportunities has never been more preached. Are they telling a lie? NO. Possibilities abound, but we need the spirit of discernment now more than ever.

Yesterday, we talked about the power that comes with saying no to temptations. Today, we learn about the power in saying no to “opportunities.” It’s a new year and we have many days ahead of us. Some of these days, certain opportunities will present themselves to you. At every point, do not judge a book by its cover. Always ask God, “Should I?”

Eve saw an open door, as seen in today’s verses. Can we really blame her? In actual fact, if we take a closer look, the devil was offering her an easy way out – a way to do something little and make it big. Doesn’t that sound familiar? A typical feature of our microwave generation. It was an opportunity, an open door, but God wasn’t in it. Many things are still wrong today because of that one sin.

Discernment will steer us off the paths which lead to doors that we cannot come out of. Discernment will help us recognize a room of trouble with a decorated door. Today, ask God to help you discern. In this year and beyond, you need to find the power to say no to certain opportunities, jobs, relationships, ideas, etc.

Prayer Point: Father, at every point in my life this year, help me to discern your will for my life. Help me to trust you enough to know that only what you call best is actually best for me in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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