The Real Purpose of Fruit-trees

I am a tree planted in God’s own vineyard.
Today’s Scripture: Mark 11:12-14

We are trees of God’s planting and this can be understood better if we read Jeremiah 17:7-8.

However, have you ever asked yourself why a tree produces fruit? You might say, “So that people can eat and be happy.” Not exactly. That may be a reason why we want to see fruits on a tree. However, the one who planted a fruit tree has done so, primarily, to make more fruit trees. See Genesis 1:28.

When the fruit of a tree falls to ground and decays, leaving the seeds to get into the ground, or when those who eat fruit scatter the seeds while traveling, or take a step to consciously plant it in a garden, more fruit trees will bloom. When you and I become deep rooted and genuine in our relationship with Jesus, we will not cease in “producing” more people like ourselves – people in deep rooted relationships with Jesus. I would always say to people, “There are destinies tied to yours. You cannot afford to give up.” In addition, hold fast your crown so that no one else takes your place.

Hence, we do not bear fruit by trying; we beat fruit because we have a relationship with Him and it is one of the things we must do. See Galatians 5:22.

Action Point: Give yourself to God and trust Him to work in you – not all at once, but every second, every hour and every day. Trust Him to prune you and prepare you for all that will bring growth and eventually, fruits.

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