The Snake Egg of Doubt

Jesus took Satan’s question of 
“Has God said?” 
and turned it into a declaration of 
“God has said!”
- Jentezen Franklin

Today's Scripture: Genesis 3:1

Doubt is a deadly thing. This is excerpted from this blogpost, and what we will focus on is how the devil, in the beginning, manipulated Eve into doubt.

She had a word from God, like we usually do in most situations, and it was “God said…” But the devil approaches her with one of his best tactics saying, “Did God really say…?” The devil knew that the moment he got her second guessing, he had won the battle. 

The same applies to us. God speaks to us concerning our lives, careers, and destinies all the time. The question, however, is how may times do we find ourselves second guessing? The moment we second guess anything that God has said concerning us, we give room to doubt, and in the place of doubt, we indirectly say to God that we do not trust him at all or trust his word for our lives.

But we definitely do not want this because we serve a God who has never failed us in times past, and He won’t start now. What do you do?

Action Point: Examine yourself today and the words which have been spoken to you – is there any one which you have found yourself second guessing. God back to God in confession of how much you believe His Word and His ability to bering all things to pass. 

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